Dennis Dupont





Dennis Dupont


16 june 1981


Graduate in computer science




I have worked with web technologies since 2005, where I have developed, adjusted and maintained code in PHP, ASP classic and, I have used different database systems, such as MSSql, MySql, Access and Firebird.

I have always had an interest in all kinds of hardware, which I have used in my work, by setting up and controlling virtual machines, routers and NAS.

In my spare time I have tried to code JAVA for Android apps, and I have setup a Linux server, that is being used as Web Server, NAS and media server.


2016 -     AmasterWeb

Programmer / IT-Supporter

Basicly the same work as at, but with a new company goal, to expand the customer base using the amaster Webshop system.

One of the main tasks has been to get the front end to be responsive.

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2015 - 2016 ApS

Programmer / IT-Supporter

My work is primarily to maintain and update a proprietary shop system, I work collaborative with a colleague, where updates are made via GIT.

The system is developed with PHP and MySQL, and uses an MVC structure.

My work also included setting up Wordpress sites, and IT support.

2011 - 2015    West Soft Development ApS

Programmer / Systemdeveloper

I was hired as a developer to maintain existing systems in different languages, such as ASP Classic, PHP and

I have maintained a MVC site for a customer, and developed new functions, using nHibernate to connect to the database. One of the projects was to change web service for a number plate lookup, where a user entered his car number plate, and the system would lookup the information about the car, and show products that suited the car.

I have also been installing and setting up WordPress and PrestaShop sites, editing and creating themes and modules.

2005 - 2010    Business Process Consulting ApS

Portal Development Consultant / Web-developer / IT-Supporter

My work involved maintaining websites, general support for servers and computers.

Later I got education in SAP JAVA development, where the knowledge was used in developing a workflow in SAP, that connected to a web service, via XML documents, and updated customer information with the result.

I've also created an online system, to help the salesdepartment keep track of external SAP-Consultants.

2005 - 2005    Invensys APV


Normal IT-support, including switching from domain to Active Directory inside the organization around the world, which included traveling around Europe


2007    Course

SAP - EP120

SAP NetWeaver portal development.

2007    Course

SAP - ADM200

SAP Web AS JAVA administration.

2006    E-Learning


SAP Enterprise portal fundamentals.


SAP Introduction to SAP enterprise portal development.


SAP Enterprise portal application.

2001 - 2004    School

Graduate in computer science

(Danish name “Datamatiker”)

Purpose of the education:
to qualify the candidate for independent management, development, renewal and maintenance of computer systems for professional use.

During the training, I learned to program in JAVA, including J2SE, J2EE and J2ME, and using UML tools.

1998 - 2001    School

HTX (Technical High School)

Danish, English and mathematics at high level.



5 / 5

ASP Classic

4 / 5 / C#

3 / 5


4 / 5

Visual Basic

3 / 5


3 / 5


5 / 5


5 / 5


4 / 5


5 / 5


4 / 5


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5 / 5


4 / 5

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  • To Windows 10
  • Windows Server
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  • To Windows Server 2012
  • Linux
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  • Debian
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